Don’t Have Kids, Kids: My Daycare Disaster(s) Story

Let’s talk about how bad daycare is, shall we? Not all daycare, of course. Unless you’re me. Then, exactly all daycare is absolutely, discouragingly horrible, and all expecting mothers and fathers should be made aware of the situation they’re sleepwalking into. When new parents go through Lamaze class, learning all the things they’re going to…
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Black Friday: The ‘Holiday’ With A Death Count

Black Friday has now come and gone, and although I’m writing this story on Friday, I’m willing to bet at least one of tonight’s leading news stories will be about a Walmart hit-and-run, a shopping mall stampede, or a Kohl’s parking lot brawl. It happens every year—someone flips the switch and casual bargain hunters suddenly…
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Thanksgiving Dinner Blacklist: Topics Best Left OFF The Table

My college roommate was a weird guy, and not just because his last name was Flanders. He loved the harmonica-centered band Blues Traveller, played an Irish flute (poorly), and got a kick out of driving through fields and down dirt roads at night with the headlights off… just to scare me. But the quirkiest of…
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Am I A Bad Father For Not Loving My Baby At First Sight?

Confession time: I may be a bad father. Why? Because I didn’t fall in love with my newborn son the very moment he emerged from the womb. In truth, I don’t think I fell in love until about week three. Does that make me a bad father? I hope not. Before you report me to…
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Good News, Nerds: NASA Is Hiring!

Every seven weeks or so, I find myself sitting in the barber chair. The same chair I’ve sat in hundreds of times. I’ve been going to the same barber since I was 11 years old… some kind of record, I’m sure. What does this have to do with NASA, you ask? I’m getting there. Every…
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