‘Best Of Ben’ 2015: A Year In Review

New Year’s may be the weirdest time of year. We all come together and collectively agree to do dumb stuff like make resolutions we absolutely know will never work out. We dress up and black out partying in honor of writing a new number on the three checks we still write. And, oddest of all, we all seem to suffer from a massive case of rose-colored-hindsight-glasses syndrome, where every shitty thing that happened in the last year suddenly spins towards the positive.

That said, I love it all. I love a good reason to party with friends I rarely get to see. I love pretending like I’m going to stop being fat one day. Also, as pessimistic as I may come off to outside observers, deep down I wear those rose-colored glasses, too… I do believe all those “In Memoriam” dead people are in a better place. I believe that job loss was for a reason and you’re better off without that old jerk of a boss. I believe the year-end blowout sale at the car dealership is legit, and it’s in my best interest to act fast.

Most of all, I love all these dumb “Best Of” lists… because let’s face it, nobody’s working the last week of the year. They may be in the office, but they’re surfing the internet reading top ten lists and comparing prices on all the things they didn’t get for Christmas. While I can’t offer any great deals on stand mixers, I can offer you 10 amazing stories that graced these digital pages during 2015. Here are my best posts of the year (not necessarily most popular, because I’ll be honest… a few of my “top” posts are garbage). Enjoy your trip back in time…

1)  One Message Female Athletes Need To Hear (That We’re Failing To Tell)

Vanderpool-Wallace of Bahamas, Sjostrom of Sweden and Manuel of the U.S. start in the women's 50m freestyle heats at the Aquatics World Championships in Kazan

2)  Dear Nurses: Thank You From A First-time Father

screaming Mack

3)  7 (Actual) Places You Should Never Bring Your Family

4)  How To Spot The Psychopath Sitting Next To You


5)  Deathbed Visions: What Do People See When They Die?


6)  5 Times Pope Francis Made Me Doubt Catholicism

Pope Francis adjusts his glasses in front of his chair, which has an image of the Shroud of Turin woven into the red fabric, as he leads a mass during a two-day pastoral visit in Turin

7)  What If The Real Cure For Addiction Isn’t Sobriety?

8)  5 Non-Hipster Reasons To Grow A Beard This Winter


9)  7 Subtle Clues To Spotting An Introvert

10)  Why Time Speeds Up The Older You Get


But wait! There’s more! I admit, I enjoyed this little trip down memory lane more than I anticipated and had a very hard time limiting myself to just ten articles. Then I realized, Hey, I’m in charge here! and decided to include two more of my favorites from the past year. Thanks for your readership… stay tuned to another hilarious, insightful year of brilliant takes on life courtesy of me.

I Went To A Psychic To Hear From My (Dead) Relatives

Baby Bathing For Dummies: A Simple 12-Step Guide

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