Now That Football’s Over, What To Do?

Super Bowl 50 turned out to be a defensive battle, a.k.a. a snoozer. The CBS broadcast was boring, the game—aside from the first five minutes—was unthrilling, the halftime show was halfway mediocre at best… even the commercials were forgettable (Twitter agreed, for the most part). The only two I remember chuckling at were the singing…
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40% Of Heart Attack Survivors ‘Conscious During Clinical Death’

Death is a fascinating topic. Nothing can so thrill and terrify me at the same time quite like the questions that surround death. The big question is… what really happens when we die? There are two camps: either you have zero imagination and believe you will completely cease to exist upon your own physical death,…
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Another (Science-Backed) Reason To Grow A Beard Already

I’ve always grown a beard for winter… but you already knew that. I explained my yearly routine in a post last November, when I highlighted five really good, very non-hipster reasons why men should put down their razors and let their full mane come in. I thought I had made a pretty good case, but…
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Warm Reminder Of Why I Live In The Frozen Tundra

I don’t know why I thought it would start. My 13-year-old truck had been sitting in the Fargo North High School parking lot throughout the duration of winter’s coldest weekend yet. It wasn’t just cold. It was bitterly cold, freezing the mercury well below zero for three days straight. Being a nearly lifelong Fargo resident,…
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Why I’m Still A Vikings Fan (And Always Will Be)

Yesterday afternoon, the Minnesota Vikings, the team I’ve rooted for all my life, lost another season-ending game in a manner that can only be described as “classic Vikings.” The game looked to be all but won. We had the ball, poised to score an easy go-ahead field goal, and our defense would only need to…
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