It’s A Diarrhea And Bleach Kind Of Day (And I’m Going To Miss It)

This post originally appeared on, which you absolutely should not miss.  It’s 2:51 p.m. on a Monday afternoon. Macklin has been asleep for just over two hours, and I’ve just finished bleaching the bathtub and pre-treating his first set of clothes. He’s teething… again. But unlike the first round several months back, this time…
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Goodbye Logic, I’ll Miss You

This post originally appeared on (Ben’s new, dedicated dad blog).  For the first eight months, everything I observed about parenting made sense. Macklin’s cries for food, a fresh diaper or his mama followed the rules of cause and effect—every problem had a relatively obvious solution. I understood this new infantile roommate of mine. Mostly.…
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Father’s Day Wish List: 7 Gift Ideas For Stay-at-Home Dads

This post originally appeared on (Ben’s new, dedicated dad blog).  For an ultra-cheap, proudly practical stay-at-home dad like me, Father’s Day is a bit of a moral dilemma because of the “B-word”… budget. After all, me staying home means we’re a single-income family. Whenever I would seriously contemplate becoming a stay-at-home dad, I assumed…
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The One Paranormal Phenomenon Everyone Believes In

Judy had suffered from fibromyalgia for years. It kept her from playing with her grandkids and eventually forced her to give up her beloved dog, Charlie, because she could no longer take him for his daily walk. Disease had stolen her life, and she was ready to give up. Urged by her family, Judy decided…
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Fatherhood: A 7-Month Checkup

It’s been seven months since my son was born. My life has not changed. I have not changed. My marriage has not changed. The only discernable difference this new lifeform has brought to my world is a considerable decrease in the amount of free space on my living room floor… and my iPhone. Maybe I’m…
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